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IPAD – Retailing in the Palm of Your Hand

iPAD Alternative PDA w/ Scanner Printer MagstripeiPAD Alternative

Fujitsu’s new iPAD is designed to radically change the business of retailing.

As a replacement to the Fujitsu iPAD consider the MRT320 All in one Retail Pos PDA w/ built in printer, magstripe reader, scanner, and wifi

By packaging all the tools you need with Microsoft’s new robust and versatile Windows CE .NET operating system, Fujitsu has created a device that can dramatically boost customer service to drive up profits and drive down costs. And, at 10 ounces, it’s the lightest-weight handheld device available for retailer.

At 10 ounces, the featherweight iPAD by Fujitsu combines devices you use throughout the store – scanner, magnetic- and smart-card reader, keypad with encryption capabilities, even phone capability – to give you a complete, wireless retail appliance.

The Fujitsu iPAD goes anywhere – to do virtually anything – including inventory management, credit transactions, price verifications, phone calls, line busting, mobile POS, gift registry and more. Compare this device to the Casio IT3000 all in one pda with a Barcode Scanner Printer

Fujitsu ’s iPAD features a bright, color touch-screen that works both inside the store and in bright sunlight. So it’s ideal for parking-lot sales or outdoor inventory control. It houses a powerful Intel processor and can support any 802.11b wireless LAN infrastructure.

And with Microsoft’s newest, most powerful platform – Windows CE .NET – the iPAD will support both XML and Voice Over IP (VoIP). All this in a slim, ruggedized shell that withstands four-foot drops to concrete.

Imagine being able to run your store with one small device that could hang on your belt – you can use the Fujitsu ipod to page or call an employee, review management reports, check other stores for product availability and a host of other functions.

Download iPAD data sheet (PDF, 157kb).

With iPAD, the possibilities are infinite.


Fujitsu iPAD rugged PDA

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