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Handheld Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6700 Printer

NEW ABC PP-50 for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6700 / 6710 / 6720 / 6750 handhelds

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Blackberry printer w/ Mag Stripe


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Printer for Palm V Handhelds
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PP-50 for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6700 / 6710 / 6720 / 6750

  • Prints Barcodes, Data, Graphics

  • Ergonomic Handheld Design

  • Thermal direct Printing

  • prints text as well as graphics and barcodes in amazing detail -- prints at 8 dot/mm or 203 dpi

  • This pocket printer works with Blackberry 957, Blackberry 5810, Blackberry 6710 /6720 / 6750



The pragmatic Blackberry Accessory for your personal or business usage. The ABC-PP-50 direct thermal handheld printer will print reciepts, barcodes or anything else off your palm device. The Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6710 / 6720 / 6750 handhelds are interchangeable in the palm printer unit.

This handheld printer for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6710 / 6720 / 6750 will print a wide variety of bar codes including EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code93, 2 of 5 interleaved Codabar, and Code128
The ABC PP-50 for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6710 is a unique piece of portable equipment specially designed to cradle the world's most popular palm -size computer - the PALM III series, iPAQ, BlackBerry, PALM V, VISOR and Handera. The ABC PP50 Printer is supplied with a software package containing four programs: Print Manager, Font Manager, Screen Pad and Palm Print Emulator.

Magnetic Card Reader -

Magnetic Card Reader The ABC PP-50 comes in a magnetic card reader version. The card reader incorporates a (3)-track head requiring a single swipe to read field data on all three tracks. This Blackberry Accessory will move you forward with card swipe technology.

Integrating the magnetic card reader feature into a Palm OS application requires the use of the PP-50 SDK's Shared Library. For detailed information on integrating the card reader feature refer to the SDK located on the PP-50 Developer Tools CD ROM.

Pocket Printer Technical Data
Printing method: Line thermal dot printing Power supply: Rechargeable batteries pack 
Print speed: 50 mm per second Environment: Operation 0oC - 45oC / 10 - 90%RH
Dot density: 8 dot/mm, 203 dpi - horizontal and vertical Storage - 25oC - 70oC / 10 - 90%RH
Inbuilt fonts: A - 12x24; B - 9x16 Reliability: 50 Million pulses / 50 km
Pocket Printer Loadable fonts: C - 12x24; D - 9x16   Dimensions: 195 mm x 50 mm x 87 mm
Loadable logo: 384x248 pixels Weight: 420 gr., including battery and paper
Printing columns: Font A,C - 32 columns; Font B, D - 42 columns Handheld Printer Thermal paper: Roll 57 mm wide x 40 mm
Place: Take off
pocket printer pda printer

Handheld printer for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6700

Included in the box are the palm-sized printer, the AC batter recharger, the handheld printer User's Manual, and four software applications. And, serial HotSync cable for use in the ABC PP-50 palm printer serial port. Note: this pda printer does not work with the Handspring Edge or Prism pda's

ABC-PP50 Thermal Printer for:
Palm I705 : iPAQ : Palm M100 : Palm M500 : Palm III : Palm V : VISOR
Blackberry : Treo 300 : ABC-PP55

Printer Paper

Blackberry Accessory

Handheld Palm printer for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6700 / 6710 / 6720 / 6750
ABC Palm Printer: Print Manager is used to print data from the standard palm applications - Bar Codes, Date book, Address, ToDo, Memo as well as custom Notes and Barcodes.

ABC Palm Printer: Font Manager offers the option to download into the PalmPrinter PP-50 different fonts to make it print in your language as well as full graphic logo. In addition, by using the edit function, you can modify or create your own fonts!

ABC Palm Printer: Sceen Print allows the printing out of the exact screen images, generated by any PalmOS application or a selected part of it. The most recent version includes printing logo, header and footer, support for different-sizes displays, color to black and white conversion and resizable images - fits to width or custom mode
Handheld printer or palm printer that compares to the Sipix Pocket Printer
Handheld Printers Palm Printer PDA Printer Pocket Printer Palm Pilot Printer Handheld Printer Plam scanner

ABC PP-50 for Blackberry 957 / 5810 / 6700 / 6710 / 6720 / 6750 handhelds

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